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Lecture 9

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Shyon Baumann

Lecture 9- March 7, 2014 Marketing Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations advertising: six elements: friend is not advertising nonpersonal- advertising message for general audience, not specific person communication from an identified sponsor- some messege going from sender to receiver; being known to the audience important sponsor using mass media influence an audience- usually to create sales marketing: action, business, or process of promoting and selling a product broader than advertising but includes advertising used to conduct business and increase sales public relations: "management tool for leaders in business, government and other institutions to establish beneficial relationship with other institutions and groups." broadest of the three all three ways in which organizations interact with consumers Tools of Advertising information- provision of objective, relevant facts and details i.e. name of product or what it does, how much it costs persuasion- attempt to influence audiences appeals to reason- rational vs./and emotional reasons; conscious appeals to emotion- the way we feel about things; generally subconscious association, manipulation Other forms of advertising subliminal- some sort of message is introduced into advertisment in a way in which the consumer is not aware of it Criticisms: John Kenneth Galbriath wrote of the dependence effect in The Affluent Society advertising creates a "relentless propoganda
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