VCC336 Lecture 10 - Kids

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Visual Culture and Communication
Neil Narine

VCC336 LEC10 MAR2013 - SELLING to kids AGENDA - History of kids in CC - Kids’ media use - (OL) play and promotional content - Ads as “EDUCATION” in schools - FILMS: The Corporation, Mickey Mouse Monopoly - Consuming KIDS MARKETS MYTH AND CHILDHOOD - Commodification of childhood intensifies contradiction between idealized image and real practices - Ideal/myth of childhood as special, unique and highly moralized space of innocence, wonder and purity - Marketers want integration of childhood into capitalist globalization: kids everywhere can consume X or Y - People Destroying America [link] BERYL LANGER - “the global expansion of the children’s market involves the spread of an ‘iconography’ of childhood and ‘of all the objects’ promoted as indispensable to its realization”…”this version of childhood is constituted thru the market. The two are inseparable.” LANGER EXAMINES - The exploitation of children as consumers? - The miserable working conditions under which children’s culture is produced? - The resistance to expansionary tendencies of promotional/consumer culture? HOW DID WE GET HERE? CHILDREN AS A MARKET - 1960s and 1970s: low cost formulaic cartoons - Very effective at producing children as key ‘audience commodity’ REGULATING advertising to children - Formation of advocacy groups - 1974 FCC restrictions - Limitations on ad time - 1978 FTC report - “television advertizing for any product directed to children who are too young to appreci
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