WGS200Y5 Lecture Notes - Whiteness Studies, Lactase, Eugenics

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23 Oct 2012
Wgs October 11th
systems of oppression
- discriminate and privilege based on perceived/ real differences btw ppl
-interlinked/intersect w/ inequality
-multiple systems
-ageism linked to sexism and lookism
-double-bind: all potential options are limited
-birdcage metaphor “oppression” “all avenues, in every direction, are blocked or bobby trapped”
- macroscopic level outside looking in, inside cage : microscopic view
-oppression hard to recognize, must see structure as a whole
system of inequality : racism, sexism, classism, ethnocentrism, heterosexism, ableism and ageism
Institutions : social organizations that involve established patterns of behaviour organized around
particular functions
-meet needs of some groups better than others
-systems subordination/domination : -assign gender-based rules, -unequal distribution of resources, -
institutions tend to divide by gender
Role of Language in systems of oppression
- language: sexist, racist dimensions
-ideas/value (stereotypes, jokes), or ideologies contribute to inequality
-role of media
-role of religion
-cliches: “self-made man”
- “ghetto” : poor, urban, improvised connotation
- to “prejudge” something or someone
-making judgment w/out complete/ inaccurate info
-often unintentional : internalized|-ppl believe in the “truth” of stereotypes
-“horizontal hostility” the directing or imposition of anger toward those who we can dominate
Race & the Body
-gendered bodies : shaped by ideologies of gender what is mean to be fem/male. Conditioned by
social class, race, religion, language, ethnicity
-race bodies: shaped by ideologies of race
-racial belief systems determine biologically-based racial classification systems
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