Killing the Black body.docx

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10 Apr 2012
Killing the Black body
- Black women were blamed for genetically engineering deviance into they’re
- Systematically way of controlling
- 4 Women they were arrested and sterilized because they were drug abusers
Didn’t want that influence on there children
- Blame black mothers for being unfit parents
- Racialize drug use
- Who is being targeted
- Black mothers were being blamed for social problems
- Exploitation of women to make more slaves
Norplant and Sterilization racialist history
- Contraceptive used to sterilize black woman who were seeking welfare to
control the birth rate
- Black women discouraged to have children
- Didn’t warn the patients about the side effects: depression, tired, weak, hair
loss, headaches
Beaters of Incurable Immortality
- Black woman- Jezebel, mammy, tragic mulatto, Aunt Jemima, Sapphire
matriarch, and welfare queen (reproducing to collect welfare money
children neglected)
Reproduction Degeneracy
- Blaming blacks it is there fault for there social status
Jezebel and the immoral Black Mother
- Black woman were found to be promiscuous and white woman were seen as
conserved (therefore not respected)
- Good enough to raise other peoples children but are found not responsible to
have there own
- Perfect slave and mother
- Obedient
- Great nannies, yet unfit to take care of their own children
Welfare Queen
- The lazy mother doesn’t want to work so reproduces to make money from
the government
- “Norplant” money was invested into the idea but, they wont invest money
into social programs or job availability
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