CITC02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Toronto Community Housing, Greater Toronto Area, Global City

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3 Feb 2016
CITC02: Learning in Community Service
Date: January 20, 2016
Proff: Bunce
Lecture # 3
Introduction to the Kingston-Galloway/ Orton Park (KGO) / Mornelle Court Neighborhoods
Priority Neighborhoods
6 priority neighborhoods in Scarborough
KGO was one of the 13 priority neighborhoods in Toronto
Background on priority neighborhood program:
o2003- TCSA – Strong neighborhoods task force where people of power came together as
a state to talk about the City of Toronto
oPost amalgamation
oCity was amalgamated in 1998 (January 1st)by government to expand power
oResulted in megacity
oHaving four cities with their own separate school boards, governments, etc., is inefficient
therefore forming a megacity is more of a effective use of government funds
oEarly 2000 was an interesting time for Toronto because of post amalgamation and
because of what the new megacity means
oDiscussed inequity, streamline municipal services across the city, transportation, and
everything before amalgamation
Global city
oTrying to think of global interpose of economic flow, of real estate investment, of cultural
oCenters of transnational immigration
oToronto would want it as a political entity to structure itself in relation of economic and
socio entrapose
Financial Report of TD Bank
oWasn’t about how to make Toronto more attractive
oIt was about how to make Toronto a newly formed city more equitable in structure
oRealizing a structure between economic and social development
oThis is unique because banks usually talk about financial investments and etc., not on
social equality therefore this report was innovative and unique
oIf poverty continues in Toronto, they claimed that national investors won’t invest in the
City of Toronto
oRadical perspective
23% of residents lived under the Low Income Cut Off (LICO) level
oThey spend 20% or more of their annual pre-tax income on food, shelter and clothing
oHigh poverty level noted by the City Alliance and TD Bank as an area of concern-
increased poverty
Strong Neighbourhoods Task force found out 13 out of 144 neighbourhoods in Toronto
o6 within Scarborough
Map 1 of Priority Neighborhood location (slide image)
oAreas in yellow = first priority neighborhoods we identified /rolled out
oAreas in red= programs were rolled out slightly later (2008)
o2006 program that was provided (infrastructure program) in priority neighborhoods from 2
different fundings
United way of greater Toronto (one funding)
Non-profit /governmental organization that essentially provides funds for
different social programs from private donors or philanthropists
City of Toronto focused on physical and social infrastructure of revision
oPeople resided in Brimley/Lawrence areas- economically and socially middle class
oFour red areas were neighborhoods that were added later
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