GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Lyme Disease, Premarital Sex, Common Cold

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27 Nov 2013

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GGRB28 Lecture 5- Oct 18
We’re dealing with diseases we’ve never dealt with before – we have new
emerging diseases
West Nile (1996)
Ebola (Zaire, 1976)
Lyme Disease (US in 1970s)
HIV (US early 1980s)
Drug Resistant Bacteria (eg. TB)
We affect the diseases that affects us
Introducing new diseases to different populations
Colonial period: European power and colonizing the rest of the world
Edge settlements: people moving into unclaimed areas -> mining operations,
forest areas
coming into contact with illnesses you’ve never been in contact with
he’s telling us to recognize our role in the creation of the diseases that affect
Ecological disruptions : over 4 time periods
The relationship between social and environmental factors
We found vaccines, so people were living longer in much of the western world
We thought we were going to cure the common cold
Demographics and behavior: changes in lifestyle, changing in demographic
people are not dying young but the people who are older have
compromising immune systems
we do have an outbreak, and the older population will be the one’s who
will be most affected
Breaking down of taboos for premarital sex > changes in our society also
last disease to flourish -> use of intravenous drugs can also lead to
increased spread of diseases
Technology and industry: technology have now led to other issues (e.g. invention
of refrigerator -> reduced the amount of food borne disease, greatly, so food safety
Demographics and Behaviour
Technology and industry
Environmental change and use
International travel /commerce
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