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Lecture 2

IDSA01H3 Lecture 2: What is “Development” & What is “Development Studies”

International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan

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LEC 02 Sept. 12
What is “Development” & What is “Development Studies”
Development pluralistic but contested notion
Not always agreed upon
Various consequences as result
Attributing characteristics & assumptions w/ certain labels
i.e. labelling countries as developed or developing
Gender, race, ethnicity, etc.
Should be mindful of what framing we use and who does framing
Developing countries has negative connotation b/c assumes countries
solely characterized by GDP & economic value
Usually opted to be referred to as “Global South”
Signifies common history & degree of solidarity for countries
Labels carry meanings & signifies person who uses said labels
Uncovering assumptions of “conventional wisdomsin development
What is “Development Studies”?
Using multiple disciplinary lenses to understand common challenges
of humanities
Drawing ideas, conceptual frameworks & methodologies from history,
economics, anthropology, health, political sciences, environmental
sciences, geography, education, etc.
Multifaceted, no set definition
Development is study of “alternative processes & methods of socio-
economic change”
Development Studies Association, UK
Development “emphasizes nuanced & critical approach that challenges
students to question conventional wisdoms, particularly the
established verities of development enterprise
Canadian Association of IDS
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