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POLC71H3 Lecture Notes - Puritans

Political Science
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Stefan Dolgert

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Godly Rule and Toleration:: Lead by Cameron
Tolerance: is living with something you dont like.
Is tolerance good?
o Tolerance to minority groups might be a problem due to the fact that
it preserves the fact that you dont like them.
17th century England, people thought it was backwards?
o Reformation: church doctrine and authority were being challenged.
People who thought differently than another had strong views on how
to live life;; contributed to the thirty year war.
Richard Hooker (1554-1600)
o Anglican priest and theologian
o unity of church and state.
o arguing against the radical puritan?
o They are threatening the order of society (the radicals).
o Intolerant to the unity of church and state? He quotes Aristotle.
Aristotle, the meaning of life was to be happy and virtuous; beyond bare
life=need to live well. Intellectual vs. Moral virtues.
o Religion is the most important thing,, According to page 220.? The
state and church must not be separate?? Everyday life is not that
important (for Aristotle, this is what slaves would do?) religious things
most important> so using the states power to instill religion into
peoples life.
o Hooker thinks religious leaders should not be do anything they want.
Limited monarchy and act through law? Not arbitrary.
o He argues that consent comes from the people which is a different
view from his time.
Richard Baxter (1650-1691)
o Mainstream Church of England.
o Radical, puritan conformist.
o Baxter preaches about intolerance. Church and state are united. But
the church is more powerful than the state. Earthly kings cant always
be trusted.
o spirituality is commonality of social life?
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