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Lecture 14

PSYA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, Delta Wave, Sleepwalking

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PSYA01 Lec. 5.2 Altered States of Consciousness
October 28, 2015
Altered States
- Our previous discussion of consciousness was focused on the normal
conscious experience of an awake, sober, self-controlled individual… but
normal consciousness can be altered by…
o Sleep, hypnosis, drugs, sensory deprivation
The Mystery of Sleep: Why?
- Sometimes evolution-based arguments are too flexible
- Freud’s theories and religious texts – as scientific theories they don’t lead to
clear predictions and in many cases they’re too powerful and you can never
prove it wrong therefore non-scientific
- Evolution theory makes some clear predictions that could show it to be
wrong and a lot of those have withheld but is often used loosely and can
become too powerful as well
o Sleep must be doing something really important because if not we
would have evolved to sleep less
o Sleep is for conserving our energy
- We are not exactly sure what sleep is for yet
Stages of Sleep
- Sleep research started happening when we developed a EEG
o Electros on your head, sending neurotransmissions, chemical
reactions occurring
o The brain (if you have a powerful enough microphone which is what
an EEG is), there is a lot of crackling going on and you can look for
patterns in that sound
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