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Lecture 8

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Marc A Fournier

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Lecture 8
Article – Boys Falling Behind in School
More likely disengaged  15 year old boys are more likely to say school is easte of time and less likely
say that trying hard is important. Their attendance is not as good as girls – more likely to skip or be late
Gender Gap on doing homework  boys spend less time doing homework, regardless of workload.
ON average in north America, girls do 5.5 hours/week of homework, while boys do 4.5 hours/week.
However, boys do better in science/math in general
Spending time on games + internet  boys spend more time on games while girls hardly play.
Standardized tests on the computer are scored better by boys than girls. Games help them for
computer-based assessments
Reading habits  girls are more likely to read than boys. Boys prefer to read comic books and
newspapers. Girls are willing to read anything for leisure.
Lower aspiration in careers  girls has more expectations and ambition for higher status jobs.
However, they may not necessarily achieve their goals
Why Gender Matters – Sax
Girls and boys brain wiring is different, therefore how and what they learn will be different. Sax believes
co-ed education is a mistake
Girls do better in all-girls school. Boys reading ability can be just as good as girls if they are in an all-
boy school
oBoys are late bloomers for reading – they have difficulty to learn how to read in kindergarten,
therefore may be seen as slow learners by teachers. Girls read faster than boys
oEnglish/reading classes are mostly female teachings – they teach books appealed for girls (e.g.
feminism, mental health etc.)
oBy going into all-boy school, boys may maximize their potential for more ‘feminine’ subjects (e.g.
arts, music, literature etc.)
oGirls may get intimidated to participate in class in a boy-dominated subject (e.g. math, science,
engineering etc.)
oThis is due to boy behaviour, such as dominance, answering questions abruptly etc.
oAll-girls school allow girls to take more ‘masculine’ courses w/o boys getting in the way
oGirls from all-girls school are 6x more likely to take physics in post-secondary education
Pink Brain, Blue Brain – Elliott
Boys and girls may have different interests and have different behaviour, but their learning development
is not that much different
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