PSYB65H3 Lecture : notes 2010

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13 Feb 2011

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Evolutionary pressure (become omre smart) force the human brain to expand over time, cover is not smooth right hemisphere and left hemisphere are connected at corpus callosum. Central fissure separate each hemisphere into anterior part and posterior part. Lateral (sylvian) fissure separete temporal lobe from other two parts. Frontal lobe (from anterior brain to central fissure) Parietal lobe (from central fissure to occipital lobe) Occipital lobe (at the back of the brain) Each lobe has its primary and associational cortex for a certain sense (eg: occipital lobe has primary and associational visual cortex which involves in visual process) primary cortex-- Primarily receive input from outside (particular sensory information) associational cortex-- Process the input info from primary cortex ("make sense") More evoled animals have more percentage of associational cortex relative to primary cortex primary area in each lobe has a number according to the brain map built by brodmann. 17 for occipital lobe (deals with visual inputs)