PSYC35H3 Lecture 6: PSYC35 Lecture 6 Notes

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3 Nov 2016

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PSYC35 Lecture 6 Notes: Traits and Motives
Theories of personality traits
Many different approaches and theories
Have tried to answer the big question of the # of traits that describe the person as a whole
o Reflected in popular models: Big Five, the HEXACO model and the Big Eight
Big Five=strength=clear structure & organization; weakness=does not explain personality function
it only describes the individual differences; based on factor analysis (data driven)
Six different domains but large portion of research on personality has looked at different types of traits.
Big Five is the dominant approach in the literature. Individual differences: people are the same or
different. Data driven so it reduces a large set of traits and characteristics into different factors. Data
telling the factor structure makes it weak.
Slide 2:
Traits and motives has a lot of research looking at them independently but not together until the last
couple of decades.
When comparing traits and goals, they conceptually appear to be somewhat distinct from each
o Trait describe how people are acting, thinking, and feeling
o Goals refer to specific cognitions of end-states that have yet to be attained
Traits have no active comparative element (either the presence or absence of a trait), while goals
iole opaig oe’s peset state to a desied o udesied ed-state.
Goals are usually future-oriented as oppose to thinking at the present. You either have the trait or you
Slide 3:
Organism= person.
Traits and Goals: Conceptually Distinct Entities
Descriptive of how people are acting,
thinking, and feeling in the present
May not have a direction of movement
No comparative component
Unrealized end-points in the future
hae’t ahieed that goal et
Direct a person in a trajectory to reach the
desired end-point
Involve comparing the present to the
desired endpoint with the intent to
reduce any discrepancies
If the’e ot eetig that goal, the’ll t ad eoe a disepaies. Motive and goal used
interchangeably. Motivated to do that goal.
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