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Lecture 6

Week 6, stratification

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Malcolm Mac Kinnon

Stratification Social stratification refers to persistent patterns of social inequality in society: how wealth, power & prestige are socially distributed and transmitted from one generation to the next - exists in all societies Complexity & Inequality - Some sociologists say that politics is primarily responsible for equality - Or that social complexity is most significant - Occupational complexity - In hunter-gatherer societies, division of labour is men hunt & women gather they share everything - In Inuit culture, the old ppl walk out in the blizzard and dont come back bc they feel like theyre a burden to society - The legitimacy argument occupations try to legitimize what they make, using excuses such as skill, time, dangers Mosca on the Inevitability of Inequality - Mao tried to impose equality and the death toll was 40 million - His book the ruling class - Inequality is inevitable because societies cant exist wo politics - Politics form of decision making & coordination - Societies are organized and politics does the organizing - Inequality must exist - Anarchism political ideas that is suspicious of power & au
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