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NOTE : Unedited version of Lecture Overall environmentalist record- aklami most environmental when countries are poor. They have first order problem. You have to solve hunger problem, malnutrition, lack of edu (illiteracy) before worrying about environment. It also need public health services that break down to schedule clean water. Society began to turn their attention to second order problem. Aklami introduce the concept of “green ceiling” when society accumulate enough wealth they move on second order problem. In us lead was a health hazard . young children get sick . us introduce gasoline wht its gdp per capita was around 16, ooo dollar per year. India and china introduce unleaded gas when their gdp reached 3000 per year. Leaded gas was big problem. There is a cycle progress to use. Those countries who have laws for property. Desoto won a noble price before developing strategies for growth in latin America ; giving ordinary pple rights to the land. dosoto said give them title and weeds and they will feel that it is theirs and will work harder. China collectivize agriculture; china ended this few years and allow pple to own land privately. That is when agriculture took off. You put in more effort to make it good. Hernando dosoto – he is a big mover and shaker when it come to development. He also advocate pple shud open up to trade and this cause economic growth. North korenia was a coutry who go into cave and don’t talk to anyone. So NK is a hermit state (v.few contact to outside world). Pple claim when they fly over Korea. N. Korea is dark. And south Korea is blaze in light. Sourth Korea is a sort of economic miracle. It has free trade deal with US and Canada. Hunger and malnutrition stil occur in the world. Pple die of diseases that are preventative. Read the article posted online on DDT. Enviornmentist claim it was harmful for wildlife. So carson’s book “silence spring” imply if we keep on using DDT then all wildlife will die. It helps in killing mosquito and reduce death with malaria. Some other preventative disease include tuberculosis and diarrhea. Clean environment is associated with wealth (opp to environmentalist belief) Religion Except for marx (a theist), many sociologists are religious. We will look at impact of religion on society. Definition in this situation: “ wht pple believe to be true is true in its consequences”. Pple believe wht is true and that belief will have consequences. Sometimes it is known as Thomas. His theorem is called Thomas theorem - Wht religion is true or not true is not imp in sociology. Chadder cheese cult- hypothetical example - this cult believes moon is made up of cheddar cheese. The cult goes into farmer field and proceeds to eat cheese throughout the night. They believe this will confer salvation and ever lasting life. Economically its impact is that price of cheese increases. Behavior of cult produces shortage of cheese. Festinger – wrote a book about cult “when prophecy fails” – when prophecy made by religious group doesn’t come to pass. They believe a space shift will come from heaven and will take them away. Most pple who believed gave away their farm. The space ship didn’t arrive. They were left in the lurch. Did they stop believing in the cult when prophecy failed? They became even more commited in their belief. This is indicative of many religions. E.g. global environmentalism. Ex. Sea level will rise 20 feets. Sea level in fact has been falling. Global ice cover has remain the same as in 1970. Global environmentalists don’t get affected. Most religion have defining trait: they try to answer ultimate questions e.g why am I here, purpose of life, why universe created. These issues are imp. These can’t be answered by science. Science deals with empirical issues. Science can tell us about big bang theory of universe. A matter exploded, we can calculate how long big bang took place. But science can’t calculate who let the fuse of big bang and why was this big bang? . Religiosity – sociologist are very interested. How religious are pple , how deeply committed are they to their religious belief. How frequently do pple attend their place of workship? Pple attend that for all sort of reason. Socially acceptable ( just bcz they live in a pace which is very religious), attend regularly (bcz they are compelled; this is the case with children. Depth of religious commitment. How to measure it? Strength of belief, emotional attachment, knowledge about religious ideas, performing rituals throughout the day and applying religious principles to everyday life. Some social factors include obligation, opportunity, seniors, religion that u were born into or ur parents hold. Secularization is a nemasis (opponent). We live in secularize world. It is imp pattern of social change. It is a decline in importance of supernatural and sacred. As religious decline bcz of other advanced religion e.g medicine, criminal justice, education, psychiatry. Improvement in the life has a lot to do with secularization. In Europe the situation was like Vale of tears – middle ages were like that. When they were poor , there were epidemics and they were frequent (also called plague; black death). It killed about 3 of pop . pple faced epidemics. They faced violent death . peasants had no legal rights; citizens have rights – it has legel rights and must be respected . violent death by diff means was common place. Social inferior was treated by superior like chattels ( property). Very little law and order use to be in middle ages. It was virtually non existed. Premature death use to occur ; small scratch on figure u can die; no antibiotics. Pple use to die of minor infections. Medicine use to exist was based on blood letting ; it would draw blood – special knife to take out blood , pple use to die of this bloodletting (for >2500 years). This is example of failure to look at something objectively. This is also called phlebdtomy. Medicine that was available to rich was also blood letting; cure was worse than disease. Years after in Europe, india, Greece, middle east that pple start looking for evidence for diseases. Blood letting was used in US till 1920. Femine was frequent. No insectaside was used in that era so femine. Modern farming use all these insecticide , pesticide and supper abundant of food. Rough relationship b/w quality of life and religiosity. As religiosisty inc, quality of life becomes poor. they becames other worldly . as condition improve, things becomes more this worldly. Secularization was shift from other worldly to this worldly. Religion use to have specific function. These functions are taken over by other institution. Charity gave religion more power. Alms for the poor – food, clothing, caring for sick provided by religious institution. They lost these to government and universal health care coverage. in Canada, we have that. Bereavement counseling – somebody in ur family dies. Someone who was a religious figure or to provide comfort. Now this counseling is done by funeral parlor director. You take courses on psychology of grief and become grievance counselors. grievance counselors talk to pple after someone dies to talk about their life. Exorcism – pple became emotionally disturb , they get possessed by demon. And priest perform ceremony and take out demon. Nowadays, psychotherapist deals with emotional disturbance. Some are psychiatrist, some comes from teaching in psychology , Freudian pshychology. Another development is that religion is influence by secular culture. Religion shape rest of culture when secularization take place. Today, many prosteitarin ordain women. Women can preech and it respond to women’s movement. Ordaining women and gays – recognizing gay marriage; another ex of secularization. Many religion are fan of environmentalist and have sympathy for gaya stories and like and poverty in third world. International human rights – another way secularization has influence religion. Finally pacifism (this religion says warfare is not justified under any circumstances) - extends to many other religion. Secularization thesis- religious institute and action of consciousness become irrelevant. It replace religion. Some sociologist prescribe to that view. Persistence thesis – argues that religious will always be there in some way or another. Toll story – science tel
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