SOCB43H3 Lecture Notes - Charismatic Authority

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4 Apr 2012
Lec 4
1. Rationalization
2. Bureaucracy and Charisma
3. Science as a Vocation
4. Religious Rejections of the World
A lot of traditional practices are thrown out because of rationalization
1. Science
o Empirical observation of the world
o Ancient Greece had Astrology and History
2. Art
o Ppl have refined musical ears
o Writing music with musical notation
3. Architecture
o Based on modern mathematics
4. Universities
o Places of higher learning
o Structure around different disciplines
5. Bureaucracy
o Specialized civil service
6. Constitutional State
o You have a constitution based on the theory of a proper government not based on
7. Capitalism
o Not about greediness for oneself
o Every day you calculate how much you made
We live by moral rules
Rationalization of social life = bureaucracy
Main characteristics:
1. Jurisdictional Areas:
o Your work is defined around that
o Defines who’s in charge and how much authority you hold
2. Office hierarchy
o Ppl who do general functions and those who do specific functions
o Chain of command
o About working your way up the ladder
o Based on how well you do the function
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