SOCB51H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Lumberjack, David Beckham, Femininity

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20 Apr 2016

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SOCB51 Lecture 8 Notes – March 7
Slide 2:
Childlike, innocent, hairless, white, young, blond, docile and helpless. Classic traditional
idea around women. Gender traditionally done by biology castles of normativity: M or
F. What are the traits of an ideal man historically? Tall, muscular, strong, older, confident,
outgoing, free to do what he wants and independent.
Slide 4:
Classic icon of masculinity.
Slide 5-13:
Bushmaster makes firearms for the US. As a marketing campaign, they made a man test a
few years ago. They would certify you as a real man and send you a man card. Page was
removed later on. Why is that?
Slide 14-15:
The SandyHook gunman used that same gun to kill 20 people at the SandyHook School.
Ideas around what a man should be. Donald Trump, for example, has a bushmaster
masculinity. Questions of masculinity and femininity, what it means to be a woman and a
man, how they perform, how people feel they should play these roles, how it relates to
their self-identity and who they are are really profound questions that have consequences.
Slide 16:
Classic image of a man from early 1980s. He was the ideal for a sexy man. How did it
change today? How did it change in terms of appearance?
Slide 17:
Levi’s Ad was one of the first ads that actually showed men strip their clothes. In the past,
being a man wasn’t about having a perfect body and body ideals, their power and status
rested in other areas. They were not expecting to conform to these abnormal body ideals.
Feminization of men’s bodies and their bodies became available for sexual gaze by a
woman in an explicit way and constructed a narrow idea of male beauty.
Slide 18:
Calvin Klein’s ads were one of the first to do this explicitly. Explicitly in a way that
males bodies were presented as perfect Adonis figures in the same way that women were
expected to conform to a very narrow and unrealistic body norm and body type.
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