ANT100Y1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Medical Anthropology, Primatology, Scientific Method

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Published on 4 Oct 2012
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Lecture Two: Evolutionary Anthropology (1) September 20th, 2012
Professor is Shawn Lehman.
Office AP404, Tuesdays 2:00 3:00
Can take photographs of slides (no flash) PowerPoint’s will not be posted online.
Historical development of biological science:
Diversity of Life
Fundamental biological concepts
it’s about geology, water, climate and life
Watched the Symphony of Science
Application of modern evolutionary theory to study morphology, ecology, and behaviour of
human and non-human primates.
Studies wild animals
We (Homo Sapiens) have minor genetic differences from monkeys
Study of fossils
Human Variation:
Spatial and temporal differences in people
skin colour, eye colour, etc.
Medical Anthropology:
How it influences health
Obese children vs. starving children, etc.
Forensic Anthropology:
Skeletal remains; learn age, sex, stature, ancestry, etc.
“Why is evolution influencing us?”
looking for evolutionary records of us
(Stanley Gathered Few Trophies Racing Slow Rabbits) Scientific Method
4 Problems limited development theory:
Lack of knowledge of age of earth
Religious concepts
Lack of scientific method
Religious belief of “evolution”
Age of Earth:
1650 Earth was created October 23rd, 4004 B.C.
Accepted because Church said it was a law
Challenging the age of the Earth and the belief was challenging the Church
Fixity of Species:
Created in Gods image
Scientific Method:
People could make up stuff without scientific proof
Sir Walter Raleigh (1595)
Separate Creation for Humans and Animals:
Religious doctrine that God created humans separate from animals
Carolus Linnaeus (Karl Von Linne) (1707 1778)
Binomial Nomenclature
Georges Louis Leclerc (1707 1788)
Founded biogeography
Jean Baptiste Lamarck (1744 1829)
Inheritance of acquired characteristics
Charles Darwin (1809 1882)
Natural Selection
Struggle for existence
Variation in fitness
Inheritance of variation
“Sexual Selection”
“Why aren’t we perfect?”
Environments always changing
Charles Darwin didn’t coin “Survival of the Fittest” Herbert Spencer did
Thomas Malthus
Alfred Russell Wallace (1823 1913)
Gregor Mendel (1822 1884)
Grew Pea Plants “Mendel’s Method”
Created Hybrids
Next Week:
Principles of Evolution