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Architecture Studies

Course Reader: Experiencing Architecture Notes  Art should not be explained, it should be experienced  Architecture means shapes formed around man, formed to be lived in, not just seen from outside  Understanding architecture is not the same as being able to determine the style of a building by certain external features Bader Question ESSAY QUESTION ON THE BADER THEATRE: you will be asked to generally describe the exterior and the interior and to discuss your particular EXPERIENCE of architecture via that building; 3 points  Talk about its use + its purpose to be a lecture hall: serves it well, Practical purpose  Being utilized properly  Also used for film screenings during TIFF, served this purpose properly as well (for small movies)  Works almost as a auditory conduit  Vic campus, talk about its place in vic, how does it fit in with the other buildings?  Its place within the general area and then uoft as a whole  Subtle sophistication  Doesn’t stand out too much  Very different from the older vic buildings like old vic, Emmanuel college, birge Carnegie, annesley hall, etc  Exterior: vertical concrete slabs, very contemporary, sections of glass, can see inside  East side wall covered in vines, interesting because you don’t expect it in such a relatively modern building  Good contrast with the other more modern sections of the building, gives sense of timelessness + modernity + old style architecture ALSO SOFTNESS  Reflects light well because of the wide open glass windows  Staircase going to the top floor, glass balconies  Very open, airy  Sound travels really well, can often hear the subway faintly in the background  Interior: lecture hall has recurring color scheme of gray, purple, brown  Purple seats, big pillars intersecting the two floors and act as a trajectory  Brown wooden patterns on side walls, brown sections in side railings  Did we really experience it? Do we notice the character of the surroundings? Like the kids at the church in rome who played outside in “Experiencing architecture”  My ex
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