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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

AST101H1 23/2013 SEPT depending on your location on earth you see so many stars at one time and you don't see others at that time. can you see all the stars in the celestial sphere from toronto and the answer is no Magellanic clouds we are in the milt way we put a observatory there close to toronto can we see the south magellanic cloud no. the earth is rotating. placing a telescope in toronto is good but not for other stars, we have telescopes in places all over the earth. DO WE OBSERVE THE SAME STARSALLYEAR LONG different constellations different star, depends on time of the year, in the summer you can see the big dipper and in the winter, CONSTELLATIONS • do they have any meaning, back to sketches always wrong from differences and sizes, when we loo kay o ryan in celestial sphere, stars have different distances but you see them in same sphere, they are very different distances from us, in reality they can be really far or closer to us, there all far 4 10 million light yrs away etc. • constellations make sense for us from are perspective, some greeks have names for some constellations. • cultural thing. BACK TO E
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