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University of Toronto St. George
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Michael Reid

AST101: The Sun and its Neighbors Lecture November 20, 2012 THE SUN - the sun is about the mass of 1047 Jupiters - Solar Dynamics Observatory - the sun is one of the most well-understood things in science - the sun is fairly simple: it's a big sphere - sunspots are on the sun --> the earth is as big as one of these - what is the sun made of? ▯ - mainly Hydrogen --> ionized gas (plasma) ▯ - also Helium - inside, the sun is in hydrostatic balance: pressure from heat generation pushes outward and gravity pulls inward - the core of the sun is where the energy is being produced - also has a radiative zone and convective zone, named after the ways they spread energy - How can we know what's going on inside the sun? ▯ - helioseismology ("sun quakes") - the sun vibrates in many different ways, and the amount of vibrating that it does can tell us what is inside the sun ▯ - neutrinos - "neutrinos, they are very small. They have no charge and have no mass. And do not interact at all. The earth is just a silly ball. To them, through which they simply pass, like dust-maids through a drafty hall or photons through a she
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