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CLA230H1 Lecture Notes - Satrap, Mardonius, Solonian Constitution

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Dimitri Nakassis

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october 26, 2011
Part 1
The phalanx
Military equipment
Basic shield and spear is about a month's wages of a standard labourer
Breastplate is a lot more expensive - 3 months wages
~$8000 for a breastplate in CA$
Hoplites are wealthier than the general population but are not that wealthy
- The thetes would basically be with a shield and a spear
They would be in the middle of the phalanx(?
Aristocrats on the outside
Battle of Mantinaia (418 BC) - a typical hoplite battle
Armies line up on the plane and approach each other. Athenians and Spartans and
their allies.
Each army drifts to the right. This naturally happens in all hoplite battles bc
the guy at the very end of the line creeps to the right bc he doesnt want to get
hurt. This is why the archon at the battle of marathon were commanding the righ
t. The Spartan commander notices this and decides to order the guys on the right
to move to the middle. They refuse. So the Athenisas rush into the gap in the m
iddle. The Mantineans (Athenian) defeat the Sciritae and Neodamodes. The Argives
(Spartan) and the allies freak out and run. The Athenians are now surrounded. T
he Athenians were able to hold off against the Lacedaemonians. The Spartan gener
al then sends help to the Neodamodes. The Athenias withdraw.
Empasis on the center (and right)
Hard to coordiate activity on the field of battle - people are insubordinate
Discipline (or lack thereof)
The guy who refused to move his position was prosecuted at Sparta for cowardice
(no notion for insubordination)
Right before the battle of Matineia the Argives and the Athenias were on a hill
and Spartans were marching up the hill. The general refused to go up.
Integrity of the line - line needs to be straight and just as long as the enemy'
Strategy (or lack thereof). - hole that the Argives launch into. But strategy do
esnt play that big of a role--bc the Spartans win anyway. Blunders don't matter.
Casulties are light
The battle of the champions
Argives and Spartans decide that they will pick their best 300 warriors and figh
t. At the end there are two argives left and 1 spartan, The rule is whoever leav
es the field of battle loses. They argue, and have a real battle. Spartans win.
Looking back at the batlle of marathon it seems very strange that athenians woul
d run at? the persians for 1.5 km in formation. They were out of formation by th
at time, so they wouldnt be able to fight.
part 2
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