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C Scoville

ENG205- may 16 2012 TEST REVIEW  First half is definitions  Second half is short analysis of a small speech we have not seen before and must answer questions about it. PLATO  Was born around the time Gorgias came into Athens and was born into an Aristocratic family.  Was particularly interested in mathematics, geometrics and abstracts; saw them as the path to truths  He believed that there is a Truth out there o There are aspects out there that do not change  Interested in large abstract questions o What is beauty? o What is truth?  He had the idea that you could find the answer to these questions, although it may not be easy.  Plato was interested in the abstraction- he called them the idea or form PARABLE OF THE CAVE  Someone who is about finding what is real Tekne  The true art  Rhetoric was a tekne o Plato disagreed with that point of view  Socrates had this notion that people were way to confident in what they believed. o Challenged them  There is a complex, fictional version of these characters, Plato is not giving us a journalistic conversation.  Plato hated rhetoric so much because Socrates died from it, and he was devastated from Socrates’ death. o It also had to do with social class- he was born into an Aristocratic class THE TEXT P. 89  Socrates asks the most important question: what is the point of rhetoric? o What does it do?  The art and the product have the relationship of making something real and making it useful  Socrates is starting with that tekne needs an art and a product p.91  Gorgias has locked down what rhetoric produces o Shocking how long it takes him to say this  Plato’s version of the conversation is making Socrates is manipulating Gorgias into answering however Socrates wants him to  Socrates knocking down Gorgias in the attempt to discredit Gorgias who symbolized rhetoric.  DIALECTIC- Plato pioneers dialectic; in o
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