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University of Toronto St. George
Mark Knight

66 Books Discussion Paper  No need for intro – 1000 words – jump right into discussion  Further reading + questions (list or incorporate into discussion) – electronic copy Exodus  Laws and taking them literally vs not  laws today: not everybody follows it to literal extent, likely same in pat  “jealous God” – emotional reference… writing naturally gies God human character (i.e. Greek myths) – not particular biblical notion of God  God not objective throughout Bible, different representations, has character and personal characteristics  Introduced as God who acts; brought them out of Egypt, particular point in history/time  Law as having open-ended characteristic.. can never fit everything no matter how specific it seems  Raising questions about purpose of law  Exodus likely written by different people and different times; God seems to forget what he said to Moses, repeating… (ch19)  Accounting for discrepancies… even if others wrote it, must have known the past texts  Confused notion of God in 19 -> mysterious God -> 20 lists of laws  Mysterious God becoming clearer vs God beyond comprehension so just do what he says  Laws help Israel understand who God is… although laws are odd and strange even during the time  Problem of God = problem of definition/description  Law offers mechanism/framework of mediating understanding of God, indication of things that may be important to God  Distinctive practices to help God remember God  Language for talking about God  Open-ended  Using law as starting point rather than ending point of thinking of self  Laws are never rigid/final, have to be reinterpreted and used, give something more concrete  Mediation through Moses -> Aaron -> people  Bad speaker  Characters limited but show God can never be fully understood/God’s laws Job  Evil poses particular problem for Xtian/Jew tradition -> how does God allow this  starting out as bet between God and Satan -> Job suffers -> redeemed in the end  demonstration of God’s power  fairytale beginni
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