FAH102H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Thomas Hoving, Frida Kahlo, Herman Grimm

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8 Jun 2016

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016 6:06 PM - Daria Murphy
Connoisseurship: assigning identity and power of biography
Difference between the overarching themes of Hegel, who wanted to have a global
understanding of the art, and the connoisseur who looks at the small details.
Connoisseurs look for the tell that you look for when playing poker
Hegel: Macro
Berenson (Connoisseur): Micro
Bernard Berenson (1865-1950) 🔎
Great example of a connoisseur
Extraordinary Harvard background
Made his name by challenging the attribution of the authorship of a number of paintings that
were believed to be painted by Titian in an exhibition in London. He stated that they were in fact
not painted by Titian. This caught the eye of art history world.
Joseph Duveen (1869-1939)
Friends with Berenson
Famously said that "Europe has a great deal of art, and America has a great deal of money"
Both made a fortune by buying works of art by declining aristocrats to millionaires in the states
o For instance, Rockefeller, Frick, Porter-Wood…
Isabella Stewart Gardiner (1840-1924)
o One of the patrons
o One of the wealthiest individuals in the states
o Sent Duveen to Europe for the first time
o Berenson and Duveen helped people like Gardiner to be steered toward the better art to be
Gentlemanly Pursuits
Monetary benefit starts in English national societies
Trust is important, you must trust the knowledge of the experts, you must trust that he is an
expert because he is of the same class as their patrons and that they move in the same circles as
them (based on a culture of trust)
System of individual and personal connections
What is true is based on social connections
Truth is socially constructed
Karl Friendrich von Rumohr (1785-1843)
Able to go to collections and museums and private homes in order to create a three volume work
that is based on a study of Italian painting very adequately (nothing like this had existed before)
3 step approach to a study of art:
1. Manner- style: (El Greco the Opening of the Fifth Seal, 1608-1614 --> has a very distinctive
way of handling the human body) Manner is the individual way an artist handles form, the
subjective elements, the individual ways that an artist deals with something that makes the
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