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HIS263Y1 Lecture Notes - Athabaskan Languages, Smallpox

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Mc Kim

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HIS263 Sept 16
Optimism and pride in English speaking Canadians
o Pro imperialism
o The British Empire as the vehicle of scientific, technological,
economic, political and legal progress
o Aboriginal societies seen as unchanging, timeless, and primitive
! Opposite is true: they are very complex and sophisticated
o Various changes seen through North America
The Lay of the Land
o Population, original settlement, disease
Population circa 1500
o North America and South America as a whole: 100 Million
o North America: 500,000 2 million
o Pacific coast 200,000 +
o How did they get there?
o Diversity: different stories of creation and where people came from
Original Settlement
o Archeological view: 50,00 10,000 years ago, people of Asiatic
descent arrived in America through Beringia the land bridge
o 50 different linguistic groups in North America
! actually 12 groups, but dialects make a difference
o mostly along Pacific coast
! agriculture and access to fishing
o Disease from other parts of the world unknown to Aboriginals
o Changed when Europeans came
o Small pox and measles
! 95% of population wiped out
Before the arrival of colonizers circa 1500
o Huge changes on North America
o Southern Ontario and Western new York
! Sparsely populated
! hunted for survival
! end of ice age and warm weather brought changes
! global, demographic, social, economic, environmental
! forest replaced tundra
! deer replaced caribou
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