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Lecture 8

INI300H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: General Mobile Radio Service

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Viktoria Jovanovic- Krstic

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In-Class Exercise
-as shown in transition paragraph, in which last sentence states report concludes with
-subject line can be specific and include a/an/the
-transition paragraph sets scene of text, what the report requests and what is going to be about
-need transition sentence after headings to lead into points
To: Tom Byngton
From: Alison Tam (initial)
Date: Nov. 12, 2015
Subject: Recommendation for GMRS device and upcoming retreat
Here is the report you requested Oct. 28, 2015 on the purchase of a General Mobile Radio
Service device. The report considers three options and evaluates each based on a set of
preconceived criteria. The report concludes with recommendations.
Salk Pharmaceuticals offers a company retreat every year for the purpose of networking and
leisure. Last year, during the retreat an incident occurred wherein one of the team leaders had
an allergic reaction and was at risk. Because the area of the retreat is not accessible by most
mobile devices, this report evaluates three GMRS devices and will suggest one for purchase.
Alternative options and criteria of assessment
Three GMRS devices were chosen:
a) …
b) …
c) …
Each device was assessed based on the following criteria:
i) battery life – minimum 4 hours
ii) range – 8 km – 13 km
iii) unit price – maximum of $125 per device
iv) durability – must be durable
Evaluation of devices
Below is a compilation of each device based on the criteria of assessment:
GMRS device Battery life Durability Range Cost
Table: Assessment of GMRS devices
One paragraph discussion
-highlight device which has the most strength; point out the device which does not
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