NMC103H1S - Islamic art and architecture

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Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
Maria Subtelny

Influence of the Iranian tradition • Iranian artistic tradition  portraiture, painting  integrated in Islamicate culture • mainly secular themes—myths, epics, romances • religiously-inspired art—tales of prophets, mi’raj of prophet Muhammad • impact on Turkish painting, Indian art • painting—closely connected with “ART of the BOOK” o illustrations found in special books, not conventional ‘paintings on canvases’ o illustration of creation of Adam and angels  angels prostrate themselves except for Lucifer, who is jealous and refuses to bow to a ‘mere human’ o depiction of the prophet Muhammad’s sandal  God told Muhammad he did not have to take off his sandal  demonstrating superiority of prophet Muhammad over Moses o illustrations always included over-written text, on artwork Islamic architecture • Religious = “mosques, madrasas, khanaqahs, tomb shrines” • Secular = “palaces, mausolea, caravanserais, ribats” • Materials: “stone, brick (mud, baked), plaster, stucco • Architectural décor • muqarnas—stalactite-type
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