JPA331Y1 Lecture Notes - Solitary Confinement, In Private, Li Zhisui

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8 Dec 2012
Ernie Tam
Lecture #4-Mao Years (Documentary)
In 1949, China laid in devastation and the previous regime was corrupt, left the entire country
People hoped the new communist country would bring pride, unity and prosperity.
After the communist came, people were idealistic and were fighting for a new china
Mao had a new vision and wanted to create a modern, industrialized China.
The CCP set up a new network, esp at a local level.
The people would be masters of the country and that was the propagandaproperty would be
a thing of the past
The reforms went past economics and into personal relations
o “Before liberation, women had no rights and had to do what was told. There were four
virtues: Loyalty to father, husband and then son.
The government’s first major legislation made women equal to men.
o Marriage was arranged by matchmakers and women can marry the men they loved so
they were very happy.
Dan Wei System
People were not comfortable with it at first but they got used to it.
In the countryside, the changes were very profound. For centuries, most peasants had suffered
to survive poverty and hardships. During the revolution, Mao won peasant support through his
promises of prosperity. Mao gave them land
Peasants were seizing the property from land lords.
Before land reform, the peasants had very little land and was not enough to feed the families.
But due to the reform, more lands meant a better life.
The leaders of the revolutionary would work with Mao. Den xiaopeng gained much prominence.
Leaders of the CCP
Mao was an astute strategist and believed that China needed powerful international support.
He visited Moscow within weeks of seizing power. But joseph Stalin was a difficult ally. He gave
the Chinese limited aid and a defence treaty.
Mao addressed his collegues.
In June 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea. Americans was outraged and UN sent troops to
defend SK.
o Led by Douglas McArthur. In October, the UN / United States troops reached Pyong
Mao’s government was barely a year old and felt that the UN security forces were a threat to
China and so the Chinese troops crosses into NK. Fought with them.
o They took the UN forces by surprise. And they fled in a massive retreat.
RESIST America and aid kora
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