POL101Y1 Lecture Notes - Cabinet Of Canada, Corporatism

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Published on 30 Nov 2011
*Feb 14th Guest Speaker Interest Groups p51*
Major issues involving the political role of interest groups in Canada
o Interest groups have come rather lately to become a subject of study
o Operate primarily behind closed doors along the corridors of power
o 1970-present, research has expanded very rapidly - has become possible
to provide overviews of the interest group system
- Does the interest group system in Canada provide an alternative
avenue for citizen representation and participation in addition to that of
parties and the electoral process, and that of the media?
- Are interest groups effective communication of policy issues and of
public concerns to the political parties and leading government officials?
- Are interest groups composed of narrowly-based elites who promote
unequal competition and priority access to political decision-makers for a
few privileged groups? Or do they represent a broad spectrum of the
population in such lobbying activity?
- Do interest groups provide effective support for government
officials in implementing and winning public approval for government
policies and legislation?
- How significant an impact has the lobbyist registration act
(initially passed in 1988 and subsequently amended on several occasions) had
on regulating and reforming interest group behaviour in Canada?
Definitions and types of Interest Groups
- Definition - An interest group is an association of individuals
designed to promote the economic, socio, and cultural activities and
interests of individual members of society by means of some sort of
collective activity.
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