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Lecture 9

PSY210H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Physical Attractiveness, Evolutionary Psychology, Morphine

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Ian Spence

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Lecture 9
Slide 5
Study: 17 buildings with 10 apartments. 65% had friends who were in the
exact same building (people were randomly assigned rooms). Those who
were immediate are more likely to be your friend than those who are far
and you don’t see often.
Why do people we see the most not irritate us? Mere exposure effect.
When we see a stimulus, we like it more. This works for positive or neutral
stimuli the more they see it, the rate it as liking it more. For negative
stimuli if you see them repeatedly, you hate them more overtime.
Slide 6
Shown picture at the end and asked how much they liked her. Results: the
more they saw her, the more they liked her and found her attractive.
We like people who we see, who are familiar to us.
Women who are hard to get (they don’t tend to like other men) but they do
like the participant in the study. These women are rated much higher than
women who like a lot of other men. Mere exposure and hard to get are not
Boost to yourself because picky people (hard to get) don’t like people
often but they like you.
Slide 7
Some people find that sharing interest is more important than sharing
values but not everyone is like this.
Why do we want people similar to us than different? We think similar
people will like us more because of shared interest. Also validation for
what we do. If you talk to someone and they say they like something else,
we get defensive and defend when we believe in.
People tend to feel understood by similar people.
We see in married couples in terms of personality traits, openness to
experience is important because they do better and are happy than
couples who have conflicting levels of openness to experience.
Openness, consciousness, extrovert, altruistic and neurotic (OCEAN) isn’t
as important.
Slide 8
We are more likely to like someone who likes us back.
Even in the absence of similarity (people who are different), and if we are
told they like us, we like them back.
Study: participants given false information. You will interact with someone
and based on your questionnaire, this person doesn't like you OR this
person does like you.
Interaction with confederate occurs who turns out not be a confederate.
When they thought partner liked them, partner like them and when they
thought partner didn't like them, partner didn't like them.
People with poor self-esteem, high depression based on the way they are
interacting the other person isn’t all that friendly.

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Slide 9
It is the most important part with no difference between men and women.
Number 1 predictor for asking on another date was how attractive they
Study: women had to rate pictures of men. Created fake dating profiles
(pictures of men with personality traits, likes, dislikes) and had to rate
them. Then asked what was the most important factor in you wanting to
date someone.
Hooked them up to fake lie detector and asked what about this person
makes you want to go out with them. People answered physical
Slide 10
Men like women with small noses, small chins, big eyes, big lips and
prominent cheekbones.
Women like men with big eyes, prominent cheekbones, big chins and big
Maybe had to do with our desire for baby face, especially for women. Link
to how babies are (babies have big eyes). A prominent cheekbone, in
contrast to baby face shows sexual maturity so this person would be a
good partner for sexual mating.
When looking at short versus long-term relationship, women prefer
masculine looking men for short-term relationships but feminine men for
long term relationships.
Women want feminine person with less testosterone so that person would
be loyal rather than a masculine guy who would be good short term for
Men always prefer feminine looking women for short and long-term
If you attract women over the course of menstruation, it varies.
We are attracted to people who look like us because we have a chance
with them.
We value faces in the opposite sex that are similar to us. We like people
who are similar to us but also in our appearances.
Slide 11
People choose the blended face as more attractive. It also depends on
level of attractiveness to begin off with.
Why are we attracted to the average?
People argue it’s the power of familiarity. Average face is the blend of
familiar faces so we find it attractive.
Evolutionary psychology: it makes sense we value traits that are not
extreme. Faces that reflect a genetic mixing of different variables would be
a hardier face.
Slide 13
We see a high being in the love in the beginning. It is like they are a
different person.
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