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RSM100Y1 Lecture Notes - Bernard Madoff, Thomas Kuhn, Integrative Thinking

Rotman Commerce
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John Oesch

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RSM 101 -
Bernie Madoff
Social proof
Integrative thinking
Mental model
A representation in the mind of a person, thing,
phenomena or situation
Collection of assumption about a situation or practice
International Vs. Domestic mindset
Coaching Vs. Controlling mindset
Coaching: listening, advice
Controlling: Orders, set rules
Can be limiting or enabling
When an established mindeset is disrupted:
paradigm shift
Thomas kuhn
How we organise knowledge about particular
concepts and categories
Generalisations of instances of experience
Person schema
For each individual that we know
(attributes, feelings)
Event schema
Representations of knowledge
about how to approach tasks,
problems, decisions, situations, in
which we act
Script violation leads to uncertainty
and anxiety
Role schema
Expectations about what people
will/should do
Without our knowledge or consent
Self schema
Mental representations of reality
“theories in use”
Common Fallacies
I know the truth (and I assume there is a truth)
You disagree with me, so you must be wrong
If we cannot agree, the best thing is to compromise (either
choose or dilute to keep peace)
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