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School of Environment
Stephen Scharper

11/1/2012 11:09:00 AM Env100 lect 8 Wilmer guest speaker next week- 91 yrs old- survior res schools, head of union of natives, spoke out against pierret trudeau payment, spoke out for rights cape croaker people, ww2 veteran Aborig integrity and connectivity on earth Dump site 41 in elmville ont- protest – in 80s wilmer came down to support Won award for preserving aborig culture Book being launched on thurs after class! st 1 hr- narrative story and cosmology- how narrative and sense of place within ecosystems and cosmos becomes important earthrise dec 24 photo- from Apollo – this is not the way the pic was taken- came in sideways- news editor flipped it- so it looked like the were on or above lunar system- but not the case think about the diff perspective that that represents one where it looks like youre centre makes feel a lot more secure, off to the side just floating there- less important highlights q of perspective and cosmology – to know this invites humility q of perspective david Suzuki was geneticist- more I learnt about this fly I realized I didn‘t know anything- david Suzuki influenced by Thomas berry 1914-2009 the gret work- our way into the future- Thomas berry author cultural historican roman catholic priest relationship of human to unflowlding universer- advocated connectiveiy between religion and scientific need new tradition- not silo-ed – neeed to be brought together geologian healing human no human relations al gore brought him 2 times to white house to advise invited to cape croaker alienation- karl amarx- don‘t share in the fruits of product they ake- alientated false consionesss Thomas berry puts in more universal- everything we know comes from big bang- neeed inconnection- interconnectness now being realized as major Deep interconnection says Thomas berry Neil truroch- physicist- whenasked about env-cosmologist and phsycists- quotes ppl like t berry said I saw in south Africa was rlg helping apartheid- I think rlg will help- not barrier Education- t berry writes on edu like david orr- often we don‘t tell this universal story- needs to be taught across spectrum- need to know story of unfoldingof universe- common narrative- important yarn for env movement Intesrting that people like d Suzuki who focused on scicence as first genetixcist are embracing people like berry- broader T berry saying we need this story Climate change , exticintion- first time human been major agent in affecting nature- before anthroocene term coined? Drivers seat of evolution Technozoid? wasteworld vs wonderworld Destruction of beaty of earth When Stephen teaching at notre dame uni- students asked him to call t berry and ask if could come visit- no fee to talk- 80s in snowstorm first thing he wants to do is go to bookstore- worse same tiny acket for decades First who had read all t Aquinas in latin – one of first Learnt chiense sansksirt wants to relate to env Moment to tell a new story In echoing story… eo Wilson… isten at 20ish Arousing biophilia- new cultural commitment to the env Some of most compelling ideas come from scientist- Leopold as conservationist speaks of love for land, Carson biologist- need to live within web of life- scientists who have other ideas- calling on others in culture to embrace more braod affective dimension w non human nature Rle of narrative- Few snippets Frankstein- 1931 classic film- what do you feel when you see this ‗monster‘ come to life and what happens to him? Any empathy? ―see it understands‖ Frankenstein wants to go outside ―sit down‖ made in weird electrical storm scared of his own creation madness of scientist- what are you doing – saw also in jurasic park– what are we doing with natural world when don‘t take into account other considerations except for novelty and fame 1936 film- modern times – comedy almost silent- by Charlie chaplin think of in terms of industrial society and where we are pay attn to food scence and joshna maharaj modern time story if indust enterprise humanity crusading in pursuit of happiness—running around on streets, in factories, all look the same president steel comp- siting doing puzzle reading newspaper getting treats brought to him by secretary has video/monitoring of everyone working weirdly shirtless men….. ―section 405 speed it up!‖- this makes workers on line have ot work harder- one guy shirtless in one room turning speeds when president tells him line of command…. work faster! Indsutrial line mananger yelling at him- then fight with manager then has to work even harder bug in eye fucks up if tries to grab it all getting in fights over work-hurting eachother hey quit stalling go back to work! Appears on wall! No smoke break in bathroom no time to hand job back over to other guy feeding machine- don‘t stop for lunch feed your men when working- increase work decreae overhead- no lunch hr feed like animals machine described my disk playing machine- men brought
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