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Lecture 6

SOC201H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Dependent And Independent Variables, Animism, French Revolution

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1) The disenchantment 觉醒 of the world (Weber, Science as a Vocation)
Reread the text from page 138,139
i. Intellectualization and rationalization
ii. Live in the modern world is live in
Religion is losing its hold
2) An enchanted world: animism among the Huron
Animism religion is a religion should be sour and spirit, the plant, the animals.
Everything have a sour
Different with the world that Weber described
The sacred surround by everyone in everyday life
3) Modernity and its effects
4) Peter Bergers secularization thesis
同义词 of disenchanted world
talks about why religion in modern world is lose its pro….
in modern society, religion is increasing like a personal choice
there are Varity of religion beliefs
urbanization, literacy, education, travel, migration, make people expose to
religion diversity
is all religion equal true?
Consequence of being expose to religion diversity
Two way of responses facing secularization
i. To accommodate, adopt
1. Adjust to modern world, become less pure
2. Lose its distinctness
ii. To entrenchment
1. Digging in the hills
2. Increase the pure, stick with old believes
5) Mixed evidence
Surveys ask people what they believe
Look at the peoples action
6) The secularization debate
Sb is auguring religion is still strong
i. Distinction of old and modern religiosity
ii. The sense of religion is not losing
Sb think that religion is out
i. Structural differentiation
1. Reduces religion because refragilement identity
a. school ..
ii. social diversity
1. met people with diversity religion
iii. rise of science and technology
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