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Lecture 8

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Live -In caretaker - LCP continued:(migrating for work) Look at other way of entering LCP-backup comment re change from Caribbean to Philippines: Supply characteristics Customer preference, mediating institutions, stereotypes of Philippines good with children and paler skin Color, honorable white Notion of black caregiver with Image of big happy black is good cook, nurturing image of taking care of kidsimage of African American women preferred but fades out when Philippines come in to market Source country shifted so much lines not just in demand side but also supply side: -Caribbean movement of domestic workers, started small coz took effort for domestic workers to be aware if their rights , -human capital skills of Caribbean not as high compare to Philippines, Caribbean society, us bring in new change to recruitment requirement with an education limit of high school, so ppl of Caribbean is at disadvantage-change of legislation formalized the LCP under continual debate – 6 issues 1) Most concern revolves around exploitation (to make unfair use of for one’s own advantage) – social justice, equity issues Notion being taken advantage of unfairly, employer calls to ask caregiver to work overtime when they can't come home on time, 2) Conditions of work are big issue; vulnerability of domestic – allegations by domestic workers in home of Ruby Dhalla-2 domestic workers claim gross abuse, had to do duties not in contract, more problematic they are told to go over dhalla's brother place to clean, further, dhalla taken away the passports, an sign of temptation to control the workers, became a major issue, special investigation launched by parliament ... Sympathy for workers but 'we have no authorization to do anything with this. Basement room not suitable for living, no bathroom facilities, issue with food as not given good food almost treated as commodity they don't have to think a vacuum;other things is the limit on contract if they can be sent back if violate the terms on the contract , one of the obligation gross abuse Source of exploitation and change: - 4types A) Vague contract/ violation of contract E.g. light house keeping-what does this imply- Informal Child care centre, telling friends to take over their kids as 'we have somebody to look over them' B) Unscrupulous intermediaries (placement agencies and immigration consultants) now have regulation of agencies under province regulation Don't have control over the agency, unregulated, misinformation-job here pay you 600, whine per Promising sth but job vaporized and tell ppl to Double dipping- I can get u a job in Canada, fee of 600, and turn over to family in need of domestic charge them again600, charge twice for matching Tightening up of contract, govt try to be clear who has to pay what, contract eliminate ambiguity of responsibility and costs New development 2010 Employer now must pay: mandatory employer paid benefits including - Transportation to Canada from the • love in caretaker's country of permanent residence or country of habitual(residence to the location of work in Canada - Medical insurance coverage provided form the date of the live-in caregivers arrival until he and she is eligible for provincial health insurance ,Workplace safety insurance coverage for the duration of the employment - All recruitment fees, including any amt payable to a 3
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