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Families & the State

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University of Toronto St. George

Families & the State (July 20) For Exam: 1) How Bush government promotes traditional nuclear family (just single type) 2) Debate on how much should government intervene life of single moms=> based on nuclear family ideology and gender role (man in the house), they dont get financial assistance 3) Immigrant family: what kind of family is allowed (those who were not considered as citizens before) => based on ideology of nuclear family, economic gainpain => try to minimize the cost Families and the state State: public domain Family: private domain (fundamental functions that cannot be replaced with anything) The state regards the family as the major social institution and the very basic unit providing economic, physical and emotional support to individuals and socializing children. The state involves in family life in many ways: e.g. requires the registration of marriage, births and deaths; legalizes marriage and divorce; collects and refunds tax, and provides income security and social assistance, and etc. Marriage movement Major reasons I. Ideal fertility is 2.5, but Canadian women have 2.1 (aging society) II. Huge portion of single moms = need assistance III. To promote ideal traditional nuclear family Different perspectives I. The progressive scholars and policy makers: as a matter of s
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