SOC101Y1 Lecture Notes - Mento, The Feminine Mystique, Family Law

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6 Mar 2011

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Who does house work?
Why should we expect change to have happened in the domain of housework
What did hochchild expect change to have happened?
Why is it important if your interested in gender inequality?
One of the first analysis in the feminist movement of domestic labour
The feminine mystique is seen as the first feminist work which spoke about her isolated role as a
homemaker full time
We are studying it for that reason
Domestic work has been assessed by many feminist analysts to be one of the sources of gender
inequality in our society
Restors order to the house
Meals eaten in 15 minutes, Order disrupted, Cleanliness disturbed
quickly. Not recognized until it is disturbed
This work is often unmaid
Today homemakers do not produce any material goods
These ideas came about after the industrial revolution when productive work left the
The role was "invented" or constructed in the 19th century
Usually managing a household meant doing productive work
Women have not always been housewives
Cleaning house
Monitoring household supplies, Budget
Making Meals (took bulk of time)
Even this is complicated
All the various health needs of your family
Monitoring of what people like and don't like
Expected to be knowledgeable about what ingredients are going into the food being
Shopping is done at several places, balancing peoples schedules due to concerns
about how much portions to make
Planning Meals
Usually the responsibility of one person
Paying Bills
Distinct from housework
Women during interviews grossly underestimated their overall amount of work and the amount of
time it took to complete them
A lot of the analysis of housework came out of the feminist movement, women who became
academic who were very interested in making this recognized as work
Economists did not classify this as work but as consumption
relations in which it happens
Feminists: lets take a look anyway?
Because it was entangled with your family relationships it couldn't be criticized
because it would seem heartless
Its service work, a labour of love, care work.
We are able today to recognize it as work but as low status work
Because it is unpaid it is also invisible, low status
This type of work is unpaid
What is the nature of housework?
In the act of servicing other peoples needs you lose the ability to service your own needs?
What is housework? And how is it connected to inequality?
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12:17 PM
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