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Michael Reid

Young Urban Women’s Patterns of Unprotected Sex with Men Engaging in HIV Risk Behaviors Rachel Jones. Marsha Oliver - Patterns of unprotected sex is a usual practice to maintain hope, sensuality, intimacy, strategic gain, and stability with a male partner - Low power sex scripts: the salient risks of HIV were buried under an awareness of oneself as having to satisfy a man and accept cheating - High power sex scripts: involved women’s awareness of themselves as worthy of self care with diverse choices Introduction - Women are aware they may be engaging in risk behaviors - Unprotected sex is perceived to promote intimacy, romance, and trust. - Most prevalent HIV transmission in women is sex with infected men - Sex scripts: appear to support an implicit understanding that unprotected sex is necessary to begin or maintain a main partner relationship status - Sex scripts provide a repertoire of socially shared meanings about sexual behavior - Simon and Gagnon: argue sex scripts are dynamic, changing with social environments. - Current study was conducted to explore urban women’s views about engaging in unprotected sex with male partners whom they perceive to have engaged in HIV risk behaviors. - Women’s view on sexual pressure and dyadic trust were sought o Sexual pressure: base on gender stereotypical expectations to have sex 1. One dimension is the belief that men expect women to engage in sex and that women should respond or he will find someone else 2. To show trust by engaging in unprotected sex - Barrett’s theory of power as knowing participation in change and sex script theory interpretation: low power sex scripts VS high power sex scripts o Power: is comprised of awareness, choices, feeling free, and involvement in change o Power involves: 1. women’s awareness of their own value as women 2. awareness of the choices they make and whether these choices are made intentionally 3. whether they feel free to pursue their choices 4. the manner in which they are involving themselves in realizing these choices - a description of low and high power sex scripts could be a basis to frame health promotion messages that popularize high power sex scripts among young urban women Results of Content Analysis - central phenomenon is Patterns of Unprotected Sex - Pattern: used to indicate that unprotected sex is a usual practice characterizing low power sex scripts - The themes categorized into awareness, choices, feeling free and involvement in change, as well as the consequences of Patterns of Unprotected Sex, and Environment in Which the Patterns occur - **Table 1 1. Awareness of yourself as a woman Lower awareness of oneself as a woman involves a diminished view of one’s personal worth  Young Girls Throwing Themselves as Men: women who view their bodies as commodities  Have to Satisfy the Man: reflects the view that sex is a requirement to hold onto a male partner  When I Want Some I Get Some: women who initiate sex, “they want it”, “like to do it raw”  Expecting Sex is not All Right and You Don’t Own Me: a higher level of awareness, a woman should “put herself first; can’t always put the man before you”, “strong independent black women” 2. Being Aware of Choices and Making Choices Intentionally Choices: being aware of a range of possible choices, and being aware of the reasons for making a particular choice  What He’s Doing for Her: reasons for staying with a male partner
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