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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - The Ghetto, Hustles and Gun Violence

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Jooyoung Lee

SOC395 - Sociology of Hip Hop The Ghetto, Hustles, and Gun Violence October 29, 2012 AndersonArticle • Doesn't introduce any new themes and mostly covers the same themes as Rose covers. • Talks about how black Americans have to work against these stereotypes if they're from the ghetto • "Code of the Street" talks about the idea that things that are perceived as bad or hood becomes a resource in times to ward off potential harm. Young people in particular face this kind of task. Rose's book is largely about how popular media consumption are driving assumptions on the • black community. Anderson presents a concise and partial history on different forms of segrega- tion and how that shapes the way people view the black community. • Anderson's notion of the iconic ghetto persists in Canada but it is still better than other places, likeAmerica. Canada is a very diverse and multicultural country but stigmas and assumptions of ghettos still persist. Certain communities are policed heavily, etc. but there are some movements that steer clear of race (police don't collect information on race).Areas like Jane and Finch, Mis- sissauga, etc. • For the NorthYork region and communities surrounding Toronto, the ghettos and poorer re- gions are not as race-centric as communities inAmerica. These neighborhoods are more immi- grant-related and multicultural. • These larger meanings are not vacuumed. Specific things like hoodies are part of what repre- sents hip hop culture. • Random encounters invoke taken-for-granted moral assumptions about the person. • "Both blacks and whites often react with caution when they encounter black men and women they do not know who appear to be from the ghetto". This is a working concept employed in ev- eryday interactions. • Sally Doll Test Revisited - shows how much has not changed in racism. Loic Waquant - The SocialArt of the Hustler Gave a definition of hustling. Defines it as the ability to manipulate and deceive others through • violence and charm in order to gain something. It has a very negative and pejorativ
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