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Smc208y1 lec 1 sep 13  Origen c. 185-254 o Enormous impact on the development of Christian thought o 300 yrs after he died some of his positions were controveresd o He lived in the pre-nicean period 325 with the nicean council  They separated what god was and what laws were; society vs church o Enthusiastic followers after he died which was a problem because they would sometimes exaggerate his msgs and theologies o For henri de lubae origen was an amazing person o Pope Benedict the 16 gave a thought of major Christian thinkers and two of these talks were on origen  Describes him as one the most remarkable figures and how he was crucial to the development of Christianity o Origen tried tying in both the old and new testament together because ppl wanted to banish the old testament o He lived in a pre-constantion period 313  Christianity became the legal and dominate religion  He lived in a time period where you were exposed to persecution o 202 When he was 17 his dad was martyred(died) because of his faith and origen wanted to die with him but his mom didn’t let him o 249- empire wide persecution and they wanted to have origen deny his faith but he didn’t and he survived but then died a few years later o He is from Alexandria (is in Egypt)  Centre of learning and culture  Also the place before the biblical content vs the Hellenistic content  Bible was translated o Old testament wrote in Hebrew and read in greek o He knew Christianity was born of a jewish world  Jesus 1 presentation of jesus was a jewish way of presenting  They called him jesus is the Christ  Another example: talking about god  In the ol
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