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Smc 208 sep 20 2012 lec 4  Gregory of nyssa 335-395 o The life of moses reading  He tries to interpret it in a Christian life o Known as one of the cappadochian fathers o Cappadochia; Gregory thaumatugos(the wonder worker) 210-270  He came to have cappadochia to know Christianity; he was a disciple of origen  He was a contemporary of Cyprian  Both were pagans and both became bishops  Cyprian wrote about how Christianity saved him from an evil world and brought him to a garden of paradise and it was now his job to protect this garden  Greogry described Christianity has the truth; he was searching for the truth and Christianity had this truth he was seeking o Cappodochian fathers: Basil of Cesarea 330-379,  Really liked the monastic life  Went to Egypt and Palestine to see the monastic communities; he came back from that and wanted to found a monastery in the city which was different becuz normally monasticism was far away from the noise and corruption of society; he heard the “go and sell all your possessions and follow me” verse jesus tells the rich man  Made bishop of ceserea in 370 o He made the other gregories bishops as well becuz he needed help  Gregory of Nyssa,  Gregory naziansus 329-390  He wansnt to happy about being a bishop but after his brother (basil) died he wantd to continue his legacy and build up what he had started  Gregory Naz and basil were friends and studied together in education  Situation in the church at this time 135 years after origen o 313Constantine; Christianity became the main religion of the empire(legal status)  Constantine supported and gave Christianity funding, holidays (Sunday) o 3251 ecumenical(worldwide) council; nicea council  Tried to bring together as much bishops from diff regions all to this council; mostly were all greek speaking  Constantine called this council o Arius said that god was one but jesus was below him and was a creature  Constantine called the council to solve what arius was saying and they rejected his notion completely o The creeds were created  Creed(credo) which means i believe; it was a creed of stating your belief  Baptism was a declaration of faith in the trinity o Think about the apostles creed; you are declaring that u believe in the trinity  Constantine wanted to add the word homoousios(of the same substance)  Bishops didn’t want that to be the word because it wasn’t a biblical word at 1 they accepted it but then in 325-381 they started breaking off some were team arius and
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