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Lecture 9

PSYC 231 Lecture 9: Social Psych Pt9

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PSYC 231

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Study: Diversity in Emotion Perception
Cohen & Gunz (2002)
o 87 Whites born in North America & 77 East Asians born in East Asia
o Induced a mood (examples)
shame (ashamed of yourself), anger at someone, sadness.
o Ps looked at ambiguous emotional faces and guessed the emotion
Egocentric projection: saw emotion they felt
Relational projection: saw emotion that others would feel in response to Ps
emotion (Ps: Sad -> Face: Compassion)
Culture of Honour
o Small disputes become contests for reputation and social status
o Common in the Southern United States
o Also seen in Latin America and the Mediterranean
Influences how people respond to threat
Ex. Culture of Honour
o 173 White male undergraduates
111 Northerners
62 Southerners
o Participant asked by a female researcher to take something down the hall to another
o On his way, a male confederate bumps into him and calls him an “asshole”
acute increases when preparing to engage in stress response (aggression)
Only Southeners (Culture of Honour) showed a spike in testosterone
Implicit levels of script that are activated causing downstream explicit
reactions related to behaviour
Diversity in Social Thinking (Idioms)
The squeaky wheel gets the grease
if you complain you get what you want (Western)
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