Political Science 45-213 Lecture 6: Issues, Leadership In Class 5:6:7

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Issues, Leadership and the Media In Class 5/6/7
Key terms:
Salience: most notable or important
Easy versus hard issues
Fallen Heroes thesis
Honeymoon effect
Multi-stage model of the vote:
The farthest blocks shape voter’s fundamental beliefs
Canadians vote choices are historically weakly rooted in social structures- this means that few have stable
partisan’s ties
Short terms factors seem to have more influence in the vote than long term factors.
Robert Entmans Definition- “to frame is to select some aspects of a perceived reality and make them more
salient in a communicating contest, in such a way as to promote a particular problems definition, causal
interpretation, normal evaluation, and or treatment recommendation for the item described”
Journalist frames: Conflict, horse races, strategy.
Political frames: Encourages citizens to understand events and issues in particular ways
Priming is the way political priorities are shaped
It pays attention to some problems, and ignore others.
It provides the criterion by which issues, candidates, and politicise are judged.
What gets through then?
Reacting to cues r labels
Assimilating factoids or bits of information
Attending to emotions in news reports that motivates greater attention and learning
Fitting all this mediated information processing into the central organizing principles that make up a life
The three shortcuts
1. Voters consider “Easy” issues rather than “hard” issues
Broad ends rather than specific means
Been on the agenda for a long time
For stuart soroka economic uses have been dominant before 2000
2. Values orientation
Votes base their decision on whether they feel that the party shares their underlying values orientation
Does the party platform reflect the individual’s preferences
How does agenda setting fit in here
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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