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Child Psychopathology Chapter 1

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J.Hakim- Larson

Child PsychopathologyththChapter 1Jan 913RESEARCH STUDIES ON CHILD PSYCHOPATHOLOGY SEEKS TODefine normal and abnormal behavior for children on different ages sexes and ethnic and cultural backgroundsIdentify the cases and correlates of abnormal behaviorMake predictions about longterm outcomes over the life spanoWhat happens when a child is showing abnormal behavior How are they as teens As adultsDevelop and evaluate methods for treatment andor preventionoULTIMATE GOALPREVENT CHILDHOOD DISORDERS oWhen you cant preventtoo late then you treatFEATURES THAT DISTINGUISH CHILD AND ADOLESCENT DISORDERSWhen adults seek services for children it is not often clear whose problem it isoChild or adultsMany children and adolescent problems involve a failure to show expected developmental progressoIf we know whats normal we can figure out whats abnormal in developmentMany problem behavior shown by children and youths not entirely abnormaloEx Talking back is usually normal Even if abnormal doesnt mean they have a disorder Interventions for children and adolescent are often intended to promote further development rather than merely to restore a previous level of functioning oFor adultsrestore a previous level of functioningoBut with kids they havent reaches stability or maturity yet so we need to promote further development not restore a previous level of functioningWHAT DEFINES CHILDHOOD AND ADOLESCENT DISORDERSJudy Garbers definition includes deviations from what is considered normal or typical regardingIntensityoHow intense of a reaction is too intense Is it disturbing to the people around themFrequencyoHow frequent is the behaviorChronicityoDoes it last for hours and hours or days and day multiple times over yearsDurationoHow long is each episodePROFESSIONS AND DISORDERSAdult Clinical interested in history when adult was a childClinical NeuropsychologyAlso social work psychiatry need medical degree prescribe drugs nursing pediatrics special education music therapy and art therapyNeed to UnderstandoDevelopmental PsychologyoClinical Child Psychology abnormal child psychologyoDevelopmental Psychopathology Looks at risk and protective factorsMost recent ApproachDEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOPATHOLOGY SIR RUTTERDR GARMEZYContinuitiesDiscontinuitiesoGo from infancy to adulthoodIndividual Differences and Deviations from NormoNormal for someone of a certain ageoWhat you can find and generalize from one place to anotheroBut focus on individual and uniquenessEpidemiologyoExtremely importantoStudy large amounts of people and see how many deviate from the normoEx Study thousands of kids to find a few who have sever psychological disorders Adult OutcomesoEx If you have behavior problems as a kid will you end up in jail as an adultAge Differences oEx Depressionneed a sense of hopelessness need concept of time and future compare an 8 or 9 year old child to a 30 year old their future might be a very short time ex Waiting for Christmas or Birthdays felt like ages o16 year old depressed and suicidalcant take the car out but in 2 years will be 18 and can do what they want Help understand concept of time oDiagnostic criteria will be different for a child than it is for and adolescent or an adultHISTORICAL VIEWSBREAKTHROUGHSAncient GreekRoman ViewoDisabled were an economic burden and social embarrassment to be scorned abandoned or put to deaththBefore 18 CenturyoChildrens mental health problems were ignoredoChildren were subjected to harsh treatment due to beliefs that they would die were possessed or were parents propertyMassachusetts Stubborn Child Act of 1654
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