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Lecture 8

Psychology 46-333 Lecture 8: Notes on Behavioural Psychotherapy

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University of Windsor
Kenneth Hart

Lecture 8 on Behavioural Psychotherapy Danny: Child Phobia (Video)  Fear of dogs (possibly a dog jumped up at him when he was in a stroller)  Can't go to other people's house with dogs and go to school on his own  Parents hope his phobia will outgrow but it gets worse  Heart rate rises before and after seeing a dog  Heart rate almost doubles when he sees a dog; a fight or flight response  Behavioural treatment o First session  exposure to a dog on a leash with other dogs running around in the park elsewhere o Second session  getting closer to a dog and tried touching the dog  Danny took four sessions to enjoy being with dogs through exposure treatment Behavioural Approaches to Treatment  Therapist as teacher and client as the learner  The client is not a "patient"  13% of treatment in clinical psychology is behavioural  Focus on application (practical use) of learning principles o Principle of extinction (Danny's example)  To modify the frequency of behavioural excesses and behavioural deficiencies  Behaviorists could careless about the DSM, instead they use the principles of reinforcement (rewards and punishment) and classical conditioning o Increasing the frequencies of positive behaviours and decreasing the frequency of negatives  2 major classes of behavioural principles of learning Classical conditioning  Unlearning abnormal behaviour and/or learning normal behaviour through the paired association of stimuli Operant conditioning  Unlearning abnormal or learning normal through experience with consequences  Direct experience or modeling (reinforcement)  Also with modeling, used in treatment to "teach" the client new (adaptive) behaviours 
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