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Lecture 2

46-330 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Oedipus Complex, Rhinoplasty, Testability

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PSYC 3300
Ken Cramer

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Personality Psychology 17 Sept 2015
- Go to podcast thing
- Freud repakaged stuff that people hae alread said ad put a ore eerda spi o it
o Socrates, plato, Aristotle, Empedocles(Love and strife)
- Epedoles Theor of Matter:
o Theory survived around 1600 years
4 constituents to theory
- Empiricism came from Empedocles
- Platos th of the Charioteer: The tri-partite soul
o Three part soul: appetitive, sprited, rational
Correspod to three leels i platos utopia
Rational rulers, spirited soldiers, appetitive saps
- Socrates explains that we carry ourselves in high fashion; in an upright way but in our dreams
we can drift away from these restraints
- Freud did not invent as much as he repackaged ideas from Aristotle and all them
- Botched nose job (Fliess left gauze in her nose and fucked it up pretty bad so her nose was all
fuked ad she alost led out. Freud laes Eas uosious
- 5 reasons freud abandoned original seduction theory
o No therapeutic benefit by accepting seduction
o Fleiss hiself olested his so ‘oert… There as idiret pressure fro freud to
abandon it
- Freud addressed personality by psyche and the stuff therein
- Freuds theor ealuated
o Comprehensiveness (most comprehensive theory to date; explains death, friendship,
marriage, war, dreams, slips of the tongue, accidents, suicide, creativity) etc.
o Testability and precision is where his theories fall short
o Parsio: freuds has too fe oepts
Sex and aggression motivate everything in his opinion (overly simplistic)
o Empirical validity
More than not
o Heuristic value
o Applies value
o Freuds theor also has a ipat o art, la, fail relatios et.
- Freudian personality research:
o Dream characters: males 1:2 in female dreams; 2:3 in male dreams
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