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Lecture 2

Biology 2581B Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Sulfolobus, Archaea, Eukaryote

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BIOL 2581B
David R Smith

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Lecture 2: Tree of life
- Genetics = diverse, complex, design
oDiseases, death, sex, evolution
oTechnology, business
- Tree of life
oWhere genes and genomes are found
oThe evolution and diversification of life are the result of genetic and genomic
- Genome
o All the DNA within an organism
Could have DNA from other things (viruses etc) that aren’t part of your
o All of the genes within an organism
A lot of the genes in an organism don’t encode
o All of the chromosomes within a cell
May have chromosomes from other things (virus) + mitochondria have
o The complete set of genetic instructions required to make an organism
Often we have excess info that’s not necessary
oA set of genetic instructions within a biological compartment
- Where did genomes come from?
oAll came from LUCA (has DNA)
oBut before LUCA, there was an RNA world
Ex life could have started from a self replicating strand of RNA
Viruses may be so ancient that they could have existed before LIA (HIV)
Carl Woese Evolutionary biology Figured out domains (Bacteria,
Archaea, Eukaryota) by sequencing ribosomal RNA
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