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Classics Lecture #6

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

Oct 22, 2012 Preparation, Krater, sym- posiarch Symposium • In The Symposium, the sym- Meaning: Drinking together. • posiarch is Agathon。 • A lot of things we lack evidence, • They must decide the jar for wine. but not for this particular topic. • Must decide how big the wine hold- • This topic has a lot of information er is and now much wine to drink. preserved, such as from poetry. • Socrates had a lot of self control We have poems written for it, • when he's drinking. prose written about it, and pottery • Fill everyones glass and you don't with images of symposium. drink. • symposium is plural, symposia is • Someone will give a short speech, singular. and then we drink. • Then it over one, next person gives Sympotic speech. • Means pertaining to symposia. • They also decide what the theme • Eating and drinking were very pri- of the night is going to be. vate things back then. Bars were for lower class people; if • Discussions you drank on the streets its like • Each Symposium also has a central picking your nose in public. theme. • Usually it is about an elevated dis- Seating Arrangement cussion, they have high minded dis- • A certain room is used for it. cussions. • Woman must go upstairs and can not be seen. Interrupted Symposium/events • One of the rooms will be turned • Alcibiades, shows up drunk. into a "man cave" which is a cham- • Forces everyone to drink. ber for dining. Gives a drunk talk about how he • • A bunch of couches and recline on tried to get with Socrates and want- your left elbow. ed Socrates to fall in love with him. • The honour guest sat next to the • Instead Socrates makes Alcibiades host. falls in love with him. • In The Symposium, Socrates sat A hot girl comes to play the flute, • next to the host. instead they just send her off to • And then the rest of the people sit start their discussion. by rankings or social status. • She was sexually available too. • First thing you do is eat. • These girls were required to know The Symposium is like the ideal • poetry. format of a symposium. • They were expected to make the • Then they was their hands, make a world more beautiful. prayer. • They played drinking games too. • Wear a garland around your head, wear perfume. Symposium Events drink certain drinks, talk about cer- • If a girl was at a Symposium, then tain stuff every time. they'll never be from a respectable • They drink so much and they do family. the same thing people nowadays do • There were male performers too… when they're high. awks. • A lot of prostitutes, call-girls and Greek Sexuality mistresses. • Our sexual values and opinion Woman were paid to participate were not the same as them. • (or their owner if she's a slave) , • We have very defined sexual iden- they were trained as a young girl. tities: either straight or gay or bi, • These sexual activities were al- etc. ways drew onto vases. • Greeks wouldn't understand that, These vases would be buried with they'll think we're obsessed with our • the guys when they die. sexual orientations. • They had orgies…awks. • They weren't sexually defined. •
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