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Classics Lecture #3

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Classical Studies
Classical Studies 1000

Sept 24, 2012 • Example: Greek Mythology, Olympics Archaic Greece (800-490) Wealth and War The Polis began forming • • Smaller extremes of wealth, every- • When do the Greeks become the Greeks one was more or less the same. that we know? Now. • Hoplites are soldiers for the city • When you look at a city that was a "po- states. lis", then you knew it was Greek • The tactic they used in wars was The Polis was a centre of Greek culture • called phalanx. These fighting style • They had a conception of how human emphasizes on everyone standing to- life was for: gether. • The Greeks, the polis was the institu- • You had a huge shields and stood be- tion, a tool used to achieve. side your people, and then it would be a wall of shields. • Like every culture, the Greeks thought they were more superior from barbarians. • Most people were in the same social • The most consistent reason was the class. Greeks lived in a polis where everyone • Most Greeks had a farm. That tends else were slaves. to encourage people to demand for equality. Leaving the Dark Age The world livens up. Tyrants Smaller communities Citizens start ban- • In periods of Greek history it shows ning together. up in the Greek poems. • A ruler who came to power in a non- Autonomy of the Polis traditional way. • Law and Custom, Justice, obedience • Citizens appeal to him when the citi- • exclusively to this Polis. zens are in trouble. • Important to really be a part of your • Tyrant will storm into town and he own community, the sacrifice they're will- will take over immediately. ing to do to go into is very disturbing. • They just do what they want, and • They grew up in this think that becomes some Greeks thought this was terrible: their support. no discussion?!?!? • How do u convince people to ban to- gether to form a community? Structure of a Polis Little bureaucracy; a system of gov- • You kind of lie to them and create a sto- • ry. ernment in which most of the impor- • If we keep expanding our bonds with tant decisions are made by state offi- new people, we'll loose them. cials rather than by elected represen- tatives. • Little revenues made. Factors Assisting the Polis • Geography • Governance: the assembly of the • Few Powerful Neighbors people, a council of elders, elders cho- • Pan-Hellenism: In spite the differences, sen leaders. there were still things that involved all • Tyrant says: we're gonna build a park, give me money! the Greeks. • Greeks: no, if u want to build a park, lets •If she divorces, she takes her shit sit down and talk about it and discuss it, home with her. and then i'll give u the money. Don't tell •The vows are simple: the girls father me what to do. says to the husband "i give this girl What makes up a Household? to you to create flowers and legit •The
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