Classical Studies 2800A/B Lecture Notes - Affix, Inchoative Aspect, Infinitive

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Affix - anything attached to a stem
Prefix - before a stem
Suffix - after a stem
Infix - within a stem
Inceptive Verbs
Verbs that denote the beginning of a language that are characterized by the infix -sc-
just before the ending of the infinitive. Some have companion verbs without the infix.
Sc- also means "to know".
Nasci, natus (beginning to be born)
Adolescere, adultus beginning to mature)
Candescere (being to glow)
Florescere (begin to blossom)
Irasci, iratus (begin to become angry)
Obsolescere, obsoletus (begin to wear out, go out of style)
Valescere, (begin to gain strength)
-con- to grow together
-sc- to begin to
-begin to grow together
Convalescent, convalescence
-ent - ing
-en- - ing, ce - act of
-esc - beginning to
Candescent (A1)
-cand - to glow or to shine
-escent - beginning to
Obsolete vs. obsolescent
-obsolescent is beginning to become obsolete
Suffixes Attached to Verbs
-id or -or
Latin words were often formed from the stem of infinitives ending in -ere with the suffix -
or or -id in English. Id < idus (adj. forming). -Or < -or, -oris (abstract noun-forming).
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