English 2072F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Gollum, Fisher King, Oil Sands

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English 2072
February 3rd 2014
Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers
Examination of togetherness and differentness
oMissing presence of female characters  something is out of balance
oDominated by masculine presence of Sauromon & Sauron
Industry , war , pursuit of power
oEnts represent male & female energies being disturbed
oTom Bombidil represents in balance male & female energies
Dominated by male enterprises ( Sauromon & Sauron)
oCities operate as binaries / opposites
Return of the King : Balance is returned to as mirrored in the shire at the beginning
oMale & female are balanced
Literary cross dressing
oFetisism of the feminie ( In the case here )
oPower of woman : Beauty , nurturing , purity , relationship with man
oReflects through gender balance ; everything has to have its place
With ending political and social harmony exist : everything returns to its place
Those who have power have to share it
oThose who lead must recognize the difference of others
oPolitical / Social metaphors show that people have places that they cant move from
Two towers emphasize need for harmony and balance
oRepresents psychological and metaphysical struggle of Sam
oBreak up fellowship(which is metaphor for cohesion) and the fellowship getting over evil
oCenter of two towers : Helms deep
Hope is almost destroyed until renewyal happens
Overturning of nature characters
And Sam & Froddo / Mary & pippin take major roles
Ewen breaks role of gender & becomes warrior
oEnts who have been avoiding history : desire to reangage in history and detroy
sauramons kingdom
No authentic attachment between orcs / Ouraki
oOnly thing that connects is the fear of dark lord
Center of Text : Rohan : Kingdom that is suspicious of others
Focus of struggle : Gollum
oHe personifies battle
oHe is unique in middle earth  Alienated
Frodo pities him and wishes to save them ( He cant be saved)
Sam & Frodo move towards Mordor
oPsychological state = state of mordor
Return of the King : Brings Balance
oFellowship that is broken is brought together
oGondor : Stone Land
Linguistic echo to Mordor
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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